West Sepik projects announced

Prime Minister James Marape, has launched several impact projects in West Sepik during his official visit to the province recently.

Prime Minister James Marape recently opened the new West Sepik Provincial Administration building and announced other impact projects.

"I want to acknowledge the good leadership of Governor Honourable Tony Wouwou. He went ahead and didn’t wait for the national government but used the funds that we gave him for the province as internal revenue to erect a house for meeting the people of West Sepik,” PM Marape said.  

The Prime Minister also committed an additional K4 million from the National Government to prepare the building for use.

He said his visit to Vanimo was very strategic and important because for many years, it has not been given consistent government support.

"Displa port bai mipla wokim lo hia kost blong port em i around USD 200million, kina value em around K500million. Em mi sanap long haus kibung blong ol pipel blong Wes Sipik na tok olsem yu no off cut olsem mi tok pinis. Yu stap in the closest port of export blong mipla go long Asia,” said the PM.  (This port that we will build is around USD200 million, that’s K500 million. I stand in the meeting house of the people of West Sepik to say that you have not been cut off. You are our closest port of export to Asia.)

The PM said once the Vanimo Port is completed, the Provincial Government will have a percentage of share in the revenue that will be generated by the port.

“This road from Vanimo to Wewak Connect PNG we are doing, the first stage K200million worth of program we are going to start it now. The contract grant will be issued and this road will connect Vanimo back to Wewak so you can shorten the distance of travelling from long hours,” he added.

PM Marape also announced that they have allocated funds to cut a new road to connect through Telefomin to Tabubil and another K200 million has been allocated for the first phase of that project.

The Prime Minister added that for the development of West Sepik, the Government has put K15 million in the budget to build a new modern hospital in Vanimo.

Frieda Kana