Prime Minister Marape

West Sepik projects announced

Prime Minister James Marape recently opened the new West Sepik Provincial Administration building and announced other impact projects.

"I want to acknowledge the good leadership of Governor Honourable Tony Wouwou. He went ahead and didn’t wait for the national government but used the funds that we gave him for the province as internal revenue to erect a house for meeting the people of West Sepik,” PM Marape said.  

The Prime Minister also committed an additional K4 million from the National Government to prepare the building for use.

West Sepik Opens Education Office

The education office is a project funded through the District Services Improvement Program (DSIP) fund. 

At the opening of the provincial education office, the PM conveyed a message to taxpayer queries regarding Services Improvement Program (DSIP/PSIP) fund.

PM condemns actions

He has also summoned the Police Commissioner and Defence Commander to appear before him this morning at 8.30 to provide an explanation, after returning from East New Britain and hearing of the incident.

He said, "I am appalled at the news that members of our two disciplinary forces have resorted to the use of force and breaking of law to resolve a law and order issue.”

"Police and soldiers are supposed to be the most disciplined of people, yet it is very disappointing to see such breakdowns happening and continuing.

PM promises hospital for Western Province

The Prime Minister said this in response to the request of the Member for Western Province, Toboi Awi Yoto to transfer the state’s shares to the people pf Western Province.

He said the entire country, not just the Western Province has needs. PM Marape emphasized that it is essential that resources be shared equally throughout the country.

The former O’Neill government had decided that one third in shares would go back to the people of Western Province and two-thirds to the State.

PM Marape said he believed this to be a fair call and thus has actioned that decision.