USA Celebrates 246th Independence

The United States Embassy celebrated its 246th Independence Day yesterday at the Hilton Hotel Amphitheatre, ahead of July 4, which is a federal holiday in the U.S commemorating Independence.

The 246 years of Independence was celebrated with displays of American heritage in costumes, musical entertainment and delicacies.

US Embassy Chargé d'affaires, Joe Zadrozny commended the sponsors for making the event possible and a success. The support was provided by sponsors Exxon Mobil, PNG LNG, Deloittes, Niu Ford, Coca Cola Euro Pacific Partners, SNP Brewery, Santos, Hastings Deering, Hilton Hotel, 2020 Energy and International SOS.

Chargé Zadrozny said America and PNG have common values and a shared history dating back to WWII, with it being the biggest and deadliest war in history and was a turning point for American history that brought thousands of American service men and women here Papua New Guinea.

“The people of Papua New Guinea displayed remarkable courage in the war and indescribable kindness and compassion to the American troops that were stationed here.  Because of your friendship, the tides of the war turned ultimately leading to the end of WWII and changes to the American way of life as we knew it.”

While we usually talk about the US-PNG relationship, dating from WWII, Mr Zadrozny mentioned another important event that links both countries 85 years ago today of Pioneer American Pilot, Amelia Earhart who took off from Lae on the last leg of her journey around the world never to be seen again. A monument will be made in her memory.

“We’ve come a long way in 246 years and we continue to make great strides. Yesterday the first African American woman was sworn in as a Supreme Court Justice, but there’s still a long way to go.

“As we hold the celebration tonight, PNG gets ready for to begin the voting in your national election. PNG celebrates a long history, 45 year history as a democracy. And its great to see democracy is happening and all of the people that are working towards making this a prosperous, peaceful, inclusive and secure country.”

Mr Zadrozny stated that Independence allows us not only to look back on our shared history but also to look forward at our shared partnership.

Carol Kidu