TSC Appointment Applauded

The PNG Teachers Association – Morobe branch have welcomed the appointment of a Teaching Service Commission representative in the province.

Branch president, Tony Marupi, said the appointment of teaching service advisor, Mufuanuc Teka Zurete, will now make things easier when it comes to addressing teachers’ welfare.

“Our welfare will be looked at because the association can now deal directly with the officer and teachers can actually find out properly about appointments, the Act itself, the conditions of employment; all these things can be ironed out properly here rather than them going down to Port Moresby,” stated Marupi.

“We welcome this.

“They’re also part of the provincial education board (PEB); a TSC member is sitting there as well as PNGTA.

“It was a good call that they have done for all 22 provinces.

“This year, a TSC member is now actively working in the office with the division of education.”

The new teaching service advisor’s appointment was confirmed by Morobe’s provincial program advisor for education, Keith Tangui, early this week.

Tangui and Zurete will act as advisors to the PEB.

(PNG Teachers Association – Morobe branch president, Tony Marupi)

Carmella Gware