Tides Continue In NIP

Following reports of the effects of King Tides throughout New Ireland Province, the Provincial Government has warned coastal residents and those from the islands to be cautious when commuting by boat and remain vigilant.

Those in the Tigak Islands, just outside of Kavieng reported ankle and shin-deep water flooding their homes and shelters.

The term king tide is commonly used to describe an especially high spring tide that occur a few times every year, when the gravitational pull of the sun and moon upon the earth is strongest.

Joanna Peter, from Leon in Djaul Island said the villages of Leon and Sununa in ward 17, Tikana LLG, the water has reached up to the shins of locals with at least one house destroyed by the rising sea.

“Boats and canoes were carried from one part of the beachfront to another. No one has been able to cook with fires as people have just been sitting up in their houses.”

Peter said water tanks that are on high cement bases have been unaffected by the rising waters and locals have continued their daily routines, going fishing as usual.

Since the water has risen a few days ago, Peter said there has been no word yet from the provincial disaster office.

Loop Author