Telefomin finally connected to Tabubil

The Marape-Rosso government flagship Connect PNG Policy is changing the lives of Telefomin people.

This is evident with the Tabubil-Telefomin and Oksapmin-Kopiago missing link road finally reaching the first village of Telefomin District.

On Wednesday November 1, 2023, the contractor IPZ Limited machines arrived at Urapmin Village.

Telefomin District in the West Sepik Province was not linked to any major road network since independence.

Minister tor Works and Highways and Telefomin MP Solan Mirisim is impressed with the progress of the road works.

He says for the first time his people can travel to Tabubil, sell their fresh produce and return home on the same day.

“Previously it took them two days to walk using bush track. Today, they can hop on a PMV to Tabubil, sell their fresh produce and return with store goods in the afternoon.

“Road is an enabling infrastructure for development. My district has never seen or experienced that lifestyle for over 50 plus years and I’m very impressed with the progress of this road.

“It has reduced travel time, saved cost for my people and most importantly provided excess for them to go sell their fresh produce at Tabubil and Kiunga markets and return home with their hard earn monies.

“This is the kind of life every PNG Citizen deserves and Connect PNG Policy is truly making that happen,” said Mirisim.

Mirisim, on behalf of the Telefomin people, thanked the Marape-Rosso Government for providing the support through the OTML Tax Credit Scheme. 

He also extend his appreciation to OTML and contractor IPZ Limited for their tireless effort in what was a very challenging land geography to work with. 
"It took them almost 5 years to cut through the Hidernberg wall, over to Rumbil and now into Telefomin’s first village. It will not be too long (when) the road to reaches Telefomin station.

Loop author