Syndicate part of evictions: Tkatchenko

Lands Minister Justin Tkatchenko said the perpetrators in the Sabama eviction are part of a major syndicate with links to the Lands Department and National Housing Corporation.

He said he will work with Housing Minister John Kaupa to investigate and catch the leaders of the syndicate, who are orchestrating evictions on unsuspecting families.

Tkatchenko vowed to do this after a 67-year-old woman and her family were left in trauma after a group of bush knife wielding men, and armed individual, terrorised them into vacating the home they have lived in for 37 years at Sabama, NCD.

Aora Avee and her family were forced by a group men numbering 20 to vacate the home after the group claimed they had the title to the home, which is a National Housing Corporation property.

Quick intervention by Police from Badili saw the arrest of 13 perpetrators, and further destruction to the property was halted.

Avee said in all her life she had never experienced something so terrifying, when the armed men broke down the gate and began to destroy property and chase them out.

Moresby South MP and Minister for APEC and Lands, Justin Tkatchenko, was furious about how the family was treated and did not mince his words, labeling the group as ‘animals’.

Meanwhile, the 13 perpetrators caught have been charged and will be awaiting committal court appearance.

A lone gunman in the attack fled the scene when police arrived.

Avee has provided the names of two individuals from the Lands Department and National Housing Corporation whom she believes are part of the plan to remove her from her home.

(Lands Minister Justin Tkatchenko)

Cedric Patjole