Syndicate involved in fake visas: Immigration

This follows the apprehension of an Australian citizen (name withheld) who was in possession of a fake visa when trying to leave the country.

Minister for Immigration and Border Security, Westly Nukundj, labelled the uncovering of the syndicate as a breakthrough.

According to a statement, members of the ICA Special Taskforce received a tip-off and conducted surveillance at the Jackson’s International Airport on Sunday March 08th, and apprehended a female Australian citizen in possession of the fake visa.

Syndicate part of evictions: Tkatchenko

He said he will work with Housing Minister John Kaupa to investigate and catch the leaders of the syndicate, who are orchestrating evictions on unsuspecting families.

Tkatchenko vowed to do this after a 67-year-old woman and her family were left in trauma after a group of bush knife wielding men, and armed individual, terrorised them into vacating the home they have lived in for 37 years at Sabama, NCD.

Police capture alleged drug ring leader

Suspect Boas Thomas Lau, aged 30, from Hahai village, Pak Island, was arrested and charged on Saturday, February 24.

Manus provincial police commander (PPC), David Yapu, said the mobile squad responded to a tip off about a drug syndicate operating between Manus and Madang, apprehending the alleged ring leader at Lorengau main market and confiscating large quantities of drugs from his possession.

The suspect admitted to buying drugs in Madang and transporting them to Manus by boats involved in the buai trade.

New syndicate of hijackers: Police

This was stated by NCD police boss Ben Turi and the Superintendent Operations Fred Tundu recently.

Turi said there have been many instances where vehicles were stolen in a very obvious manner. And in many instances, this was never realised until too late.

Just recently, a number of vehicles had mysteriously gone missing at a car dealer’s yard. Police say they were driven away in broad daylight by criminals who had cut keys.

Turi adds that an insider is usually involved.

A number of these vehicles have been recovered however, not after they were vandalised.