Students discuss importance of human networking

Grade 11 students from Marianville Secondary School recently participated in the Chat Room program on Tribe FM earlier this week to discuss the topic’’ the importance of human networking.

The students said maintaining an effective human networking and connection system is key to addressing much of the world’s problem today.

In their presentations, they gave brief definitions of the topic, used examples and explained the need for young people to get involved in discussions of such by being proactive and expressive.

Janet Minong, who aspires to become a doctor, explained that human networking was all about interacting and forming relationships with others by way of establishing common ground.

She said, “Humans are social beings, and when we interact, we build relations based on mutual respect and understanding.”

Vanessa Boaga, another student, emphasised that human networking is essential for young people to

She said, “Our schools are our training grounds and this is where we establish our networks by way of cultivating our skills in effectively communicating with the people around us.”

The students called on the government to seriously support Youth Development Initiatives.

Cathy Undaba (UPNG Journalism Student)