State Solicitor Gives Evidence

The evidence hearing into the controversial UBS loan convene this week with key people summoned to face the inquiry.

Among people summoned today was State Solicitor Daniel Rolpagarea. In his capacity as the state solicitor, he was responsible for legal clearance of the loan deal.

Daniel Rolpagarea said to his knowledge Parliament never approved the K3 billion UBS loan.

He said, he was pressured on 5th of March, 2014 to give legal clearance, as cabinet was to sit the following day, 6th of March to discuss the loan.

The State Solicitor mentioned that Carl Okuk and another individual from Pacific Legal Group hand delivered the loan documents to him at his office.

Pacific Legal Group was assisting the State Solicitor to get the legal work ready for the loan agreement.

Chief Commissioner, Sir Salamo Injia sought clarification as to which acts regulate the process and approval of acquiring loan, which he replied approval must be given by Parliament through appropriation and budgetary acts.

“The Loans and Overseas Loan Act and Public Finance Management Act, these are acts that regulate the process in which you process the overseas loan, approved by Parliament,” added Mr Rolpagarea.    

The public Solicitor said apart from providing legal clearance as its primary function, it also informed the Treasury that the loan also require approval from Parliament.

Jemimah Sukbat