State of Origin-related death: NCD police

One death, including a number of serious injuries, have been reported by NCD police following the State of Origin match on Wednesday night.

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, questioned why Papua New Guineans would put their own lives on the line for an event that they would gain nothing from.

Police in the nation’s capital have reported two major incidents related to the State of Origin (SOO) match on the 5th of June.

Both incidents occurred in the early hours of Thursday. The first one was a confirmed homicide case at Vadavada following a drunken brawl amongst SOO supporters at 2am.

“Deceased was from Chuave, Simbu, while the suspect was from Goilala,” said N’Dranou.

“Three suspects attacked the deceased, and the deceased was stabbed several times, resulting in his death.

“Relatives of the deceased retaliated and the suspect, from Goilala, was attacked and is badly injured. He is now in the hospital.

“Two others who had attacked the deceased, escaped. One is from Goilala as well while the other from Gulf.”

Chief Superintendent N’Dranou said at around the same time, another clash erupted amongst State of Origin supporters along Koura Way.

This time, an off duty police officer was attacked by three suspects.

“The policeman is seriously injured and is in the hospital and the three suspects were arrested for assaulting a police officer,” stated N’Dranou.

“It amazes me that people will put their lives on the line for something that they will not benefit from at all.”

He further urged residents to celebrate responsibly instead of taking things too far.

Carmella Gware