Staff unite and committed to deliver

The staff and management of Climate Change and Development Authority (CCDA) have expressed their unity and commitment to their work.

This commitment was made at an organization event, attended by CCDA's management and staff, representatives from development partners and other agencies, aimed to strengthen team spirit.

CCDA Acting Managing Director, William Lakain highlighted the significance of the organization's staff members and their essential role in achieving organizational goals. 

He commended their dedication and cooperation, emphasizing the importance of a positive working culture. Mr Lakain expressed his satisfaction with providing the necessary leadership and management to ensure the organization's progress and success.

Despite recent media allegations surrounding mismanagement issues, Mr. Lakain asserted that CCDA has made significant strides. 
One notable achievement is the amendment of the Climate Change Management Act (CCMA) 2021, which is currently awaiting endorsement by the National Executive Council and subsequent tabling in Parliament during the next session. 

This amendment will enable the regulation of the carbon market in the country and facilitate revenue generation through the sale of carbon credits from climate change mitigation activities.

Additionally, the revised CCMA proposes the establishment of a National Climate Change Board to ensure transparency and accountability within CCDA's functions. 
Mr Lakain informed that a submission for the board's establishment has been made to the NEC, pending approval.

Highlighting these advancements, Mr Lakain stated that they are significant achievements during his one-year tenure as the Acting Managing Director.
He emphasized the immense potential of CCDA to implement the government's climate change mitigation and adaptation priorities, which are crucial for the people of Papua New Guinea.

The CCDA management and staff was encouraged to maintain their cooperation, aiming to transform the organization into a fully resourced entity capable of effectively coordinating climate change efforts for the benefit of the people and the government of PNG. 

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