Sir Julius jumps on PNC bandwagon

New Ireland Province Governor and leader of People’s Progress Party, Sir Julius Chan, has thrown his support behind the People’s National Congress Party.

He has joined United Resources Party Leader, William Duma, and Powes Parkop, Leader of the Social Democratic Party.

In a joint statement, the group said: “Our coalition of Parties and Independent Members of Parliament have agreed to support a PNC-led Government form the Tenth Parliament of Papua New Guinea.

“Following the 2017 National General Election, PNC has recorded the highest number of Members-elect, and is on-track to have the highest number of Members in this Parliament.

“In accordance with National Electoral Laws, PNC is now anticipated to be called upon by His Excellency, the Governor-General, to form Government.”

The group said through a most challenging time in the global economy, and through one of the worst droughts in history, the PNC-led Government insulated PNG’s economy and our communities from these shocks.

“Over the past five years, the Government has also empowered provinces and districts to have their say and to guide resource allocation for local service delivery and infrastructure development.

“Through more autonomous arrangements, we will continue to facilitate this devolution of authority and decision-making to enable people in our regions to have much greater say in the governance of their communities.”

The group said they will further work together to expand the delivery of services and infrastructure development to the remote and rural areas in all regions of Papua New Guinea.

“Our Government will work with industry to increase investment and to diversify our economic base to strengthen the sectors that are at the heart of our economic future, including tourism, fisheries and agriculture, and the downstream processing of our minerals.

“We will continue to empower our people through strong and dedicated Christian and State partnerships, and programs in education and healthcare.

“Working as a cohesive team, we, the Government Coalition, will take our great Nation to the next level of economic and community development by delivering stable policy that is relevant to the people of our nation.”

Press release