Police in East New Britain are now investigating the shooting of an elderly Chinese man believed to be the manager of ToBrat shop in Takubar, Kokopo yesterday Monday morning.

The Manager came out of his office to investigate a commotion in the shop but was shot point blank as he confronted the thugs as they were helping themselves to the till.

According to eye witnesses the thugs without masks and numbering over 10 entered the premises about 9am Monday morning armed with home-made guns only minutes after the shop opened its doors for normal business.

They walked straight into the shop and demanded the staff to run for cover while they helped  themselves to the K600 float money and  cigarettes.

The commotion in the shop caught the attention of the shop manager only to be confronted by the armed men who shot him point blank, before they got away in a waiting car towards the  Kabaleo Teachers college.

The  shop manager later died from loss of blood before Police arrived on the scene.

Two members of the gang are known to the staff and their identities are now with police who started a manhunt for the suspects.

Meanwhile the China and PNG Friendship Association Inc Rabaul Chapter released a statement condemning the killing saying it was a horrific,senseless and sickening cold blooded murder that should never have happened.

They feel threatened, unprotected and uncertain.

They are advising the public that all Chinese owned  shops will shutdown  on Wednesday 24th March,2021 in respect and honour of the passing away of one of their Chinese citizens.

Terry Longbut