RPNGC prepare for 2022 National Elections

The first 2022 National Election Security Conference for the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary (RPNGC) is underway in Port Moresby.

At the opening of the conference this morning, Police Minister William Onglo said the conference sets the foundation and plans in providing security during the 2022 General Elections.

“I want you to put your experiences on the table.

“Our people deserve to vote freely and safely. We do not run elections but provide the security. Our job is paramount,” said Minister Onglo.

Commissioner of Police, David Manning will lead the Police force into the elections for the first time as Commissioner. He has urged the Divisional Commands and the Provincial Commanders to work together as a team.

“The deployment orders must reflect a free, safe and corrupt free elections. The orders and directives are given to ensure that we deliver a free, (and) safe elections. No one should accuse us of influencing or corrupting the electoral process,” said Manning.

Commissioner Manning has also announced that all recreational leave for Police personnel have been ceased for the next 18 months as they prepare to commence elections in April 2022.

Parliament is expected to approve the RPNGC’s budget for the General Elections this week.

The RPNGC is looking at a budget of K194.1 million to support its operations.

Jemimah Sukbat