Reunion to Strengthen PNGDF

In a heartwarming reunion, a former student of the Australian Royal Military College - Duntroon (RMC-D) from the PNG Defence Force (PNGDF) has joined forces with a former instructor from Defence Australia.

Their collaboration aims to enhance the capabilities of the PNGDF under the #PNGAusPartnership initiative.

Second Lieutenant Alvirah Bunemiga, one of the two female graduates from the PNGDF in 2022, had the privilege of being taught by Major Lachlan McAuliffe during her time at RMC-D.

Reflecting on her experience, 2LT Bunemiga expressed gratitude for the invaluable advice she received, which she intends to carry throughout her military career.

Now back in Papua New Guinea, she aspires to apply the knowledge and skills acquired at RMC-D to inspire more women to ascend the ranks and make a meaningful impact.

Currently, 2LT Bunemiga and other members of the PNGDF are working closely with their Australian counterparts to organize courses as part of Exercise Olgeta Warrior (Ex. OW).

The opportunity to collaborate with Australian soldiers once again serves as a poignant reminder of the incredible experiences she had during her training, as well as the mutual learning and growth that can be achieved through cooperation between the two nations.