Refusing plastic bags

Refusing the usage of and replacing plastic bags was the take home message from today’s World Environment Day commemoration in the Nation’s Capital.

The day was observed under the theme; Beat Plastic Pollution.

It is estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic bags and plastic products than fish in the ocean if plastic pollution is not addressed today.

World Environment Day is the vehicle for organisations to use to drive awareness and educate the wider public about becoming environmental conscious.

“Days like today are all about letting us know of what we can do, the practical things that mum, dad and I can do that doesn’t cost a lot of money but will have positive difference on the environment,” stressed General Manager of Port Moresby Nature Park, Michelle McGeorge.

Driving the message of combating plastic pollution were 25 organisations who conducted awareness through fun, informative activities.

“We always tell people when you have an empty can or plastic bottle, ask, when does this become rubbish? We tell people, as long as the empty can or bottle remains in your hands, you have the power to decide whether it becomes a waste or reused creatively,” said Leonard Tebegetu, Director, Kreative Kanaka.

Behavioural change is greatly needed to eradicate plastic pollution and environmental damage.

Carolyn Ure