Quit interfering with police business: Turi

Police are calling on the public to quit interfering with police business, especially investigations, and let them do their jobs accordingly.

This comes after demands were raised by immediate relatives and family of the former Border Development Authority CEO, Fred Konga, to fast track investigations into his murder.

The relatives claim that there has not been any development into the murder of the late Konga, as a month has now passed.

They presented a 14-day notice last week and will be issuing a written petition to the Prime Minister, the Commissioner and the Police Minister if no favourable response is received.

However, the NCD metropolitan superintendent, Commander Ben Turi, says police are doing their jobs accordingly and they should not be interfered with.

He said investigations are sensitive matters that need thorough evaluation and proper process; it is not a game.

Turi added that the situation is also very sensitive; the victim was shot at close range in an execution-like killing. This calls for a closer look into the case as it could be an assassination or robbery gone wrong.

All these need to be verified and it cannot be done if people continue to interfere.

He said the police will not comment on the progress of the investigation as it is ongoing.

He added that there will be no update from the police regarding any investigations, as this may alert perpetrators or the people involved.

The body of late Konga has not been buried yet; the family and relatives will take action once a favourable response is received.

(The late Fred Konga’s tribesmen last week)

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Imelda Wavik