Public Transport Safety Is Key

NCD Governor Powes Parkop and key stakeholders held a meeting recently to identify the PMV that might have been involved in the unfortunate incident of a young survivor who was allegedly subjected to abduction and sexual assault.

This urgent meeting was attended by Road Traffic Authority (RTA) CEO, Nelson Terema, Jack Waso, President of the NCD PMV Owners Association, female NCDC Board members, Commissioners Elis Siki and Mea Isaac, City Manager Bernard Kipit senior NCDC officers.

Governor Parkop was alarmed that no arrests have been made yet after all that he has done since the incident was brought to his attention. He strongly urged the stakeholders to collaborate with police and have these perpetrators arrested as soon as possible. He warned that he would be compelled to take drastic measures should there be no cooperation.

The Governor appealed to everyone to take this as a turning point in improving the transport system and not have a repeat of this unfortunate incident.

Mr Terema gave assurance that RTA would provide complete cooperation and that of the PMV Association. He said to this day, having worked closely with the police, there was no PMV hold up on that date or the mentioned route.

CCTV images were checked, and nothing was found to be out of the ordinary. There has not been any persons relating to the incident, who have come forward.

Terema said, “We have checked all owners of PMVs and their drivers, including those on bus route 17, and not one owner, driver or crew have reported a hold up on that date. CCTV images from Burns Peak and the Freeway also do not show any such incident.”

Governor Parkop stated that the public transport system is a mess and it lacks safety and efficiency, calling on stakeholders to think carefully about the future. He stressed that citizens should be provided safe, efficient, reliable and affordable public transport systems, and this is achieved through working together.

He added that PNG is unlike any other country, where public transport is private owned; is not run by a government system and often profits are more than the services rendered. This may have worked in the past but will not be feasible for a growing and modern city.

Carol Kidu