Proposal for solar electricity at UPNG

Papua New Guinea is preparing a proposal on achieving carbon neutrality at the University of PNG to submit to the Green Climate Fund (GCF) to access climate funding.

The Climate Change and Development Authority (CCDA) and accredited entity to the GCF, Asian Development Bank are developing the proposal.

The project proposal includes solar electricity production for buildings and for electric vehicles.

CCDA/ADB consultant Dennis Fenton says they could have enough solar power to provide electricity for the whole university and have electric vehicles in the university.

It is a self-contained project with availability of land and the partners are clearly identifiable.

“It’s quite simple because there are not many partners involved so it could be easier to get it moving.

“The university says they have land available for this project and partners available,” Fenton said.

Fenton added that in addition to carbon savings, this could also be good for raising awareness, provide educational benefits, likely to be of interest to GCF.

He said the carbon savings is probably not replicable because there’s only one university however this could have great value in terms of raising awareness, educational benefits and demonstration value.

Fenton highlighted that this project is one that has potential.

Quintina Naime