PPP Pays Tribute to Sam Basil

The People’s Progress Party (PPP) has joined the Government, United Labour Party (ULP), Bulolo District Development Authority, family and PNG in mourning the sudden passing of the late Sam Basil.

The National President of PPP, Sumasy Singin noted the sudden tragic death of the late Mr Basil shocked the nation, leaving a huge hole to fill in Bulolo electorate, Morobe Province, ULP hierarchy and PNG national politics.
“The PPP Parliamentary Wing, its National Executive, friends and supporters send our most sincere condolences to the family, friends and associates of the late Deputy Prime Minister on his sudden passing following a tragic road accident along the Bulolo Highway, Morobe Province.
“The late Sam Basil’s passing is a big loss for Buang, Bulolo and Morobe people as well as the ULP, the Government and PNG,” Mr Singin said from his home in Nawae Electorate.
The late Mr Basil first entered PNG’s 8th Parliament when he won the 2007 general election as a People’s Progress Party candidate and served three consecutive terms.
“We acknowledge Mr Basil making his entry to national politics through the PPP, and for things he has learned from the party to further progress in his political career, but saddened by this journey being abruptly ended.
“His youthful energy, athleticism in the sport of Taekwondo and the burning desire to succeed in business propelled him to also reach higher station in national politics as Deputy Prime Minister of PNG.
“Our heartfelt condolences to his wife and children, immediate and extended families at Sagayo village, Boang language group, Bulolo District Development Authority, Morobe Provincial Government and its people, friends PNG-wide as well as those elsewhere abroad,” Mr Singin said.

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