Police commissioner stresses on integrity

Police Commissioner Gari Baki stressed on integrity during the opening of the Commissioner’s Annual Conference.

The gathering, hosted at 17-Mile, outside Port Moresby, is attended by police heads from all over the country.

The Commissioner’s Annual Conference 2018 started on December 17th and will conclude on the 19th.

Based on the theme: “Strengthening leadership roles to improve service delivery”, Commissioner Baki reminded the provincial police heads that while rank is a privilege, its integrity amounts to every little action that they do.

“The integrity reflects on the kind of person you are, your effectiveness, your ability to command and control our men and women, your ability to make decisions; whether you’re decisive or not; your ability to stand out in the eyes of the public and your ability to discuss things at the highest level,” stated Baki.

“Over the next couple of days I am sure that your discussions will revolve around that.

“For me as your commissioner, I want you to reflect on yourself.

“This organisation has suffered too long and I think it’s time we reflect back and we turn that.”

Baki hopes that the conference will help to strengthen that aspect of the Royal PNG Constabulary so that all officers will be more accountable for their actions.

The conference is attended by provincial police commanders, divisional commanders, assistant police commissioners from the headquarters, deputy commissioners and members from the Policing Partnership Program.

(Officers at the Commissioner’s Annual Conference 2018)

Carmella Gware