Police challenged to transform city

The police officers have been tasked to transform the city, says National Capital District Superintendent Chief Inspector Silva Sika.

While speaking to the officers at Gordon Police station during a parade this morning, he told officers that the police force had a big task ahead.

Metsupt. Sika said the people's mindset have to be transformed, “People coming into the city must not bring their way of living from their villages into the city.”

He told officers that the ball game was in their court to implement the laws that are in place to keep the city clean and safe.

“Under the constitution section 197, gives us the power to manage crime in the country and NCD. You must not hesitate to do your job. Do not pass by a crime that is occurring, attend to it,” Metsupt Sika said.

The police officers were acknowledged for the sacrifices they make to prevent crime in their area of operation.

He said Gordon is one of the toughest areas in the city, where it’s a challenge for police to do policing. Sika told officers to uphold their ethics; and that they were doing fine and must be accountable for their actions.

The Metsupt warned officers that he will not hesitate to dismiss, suspend or caution officers who step out of line.

He further added that there had been numerous reports of police officers abusing their powers and the uniform that they are wearing to do things that are not right. He warned that this must stop.

Gordon Police Station Commander, Inspector Gabriel Gini during the parade said he had 66 police officers serving, which he said was limited.

He said the 66 officers are attached to minor crimes, Family Sexual Violence, and Community policing, and the rest are working with public safety from within their respective shifts.

He said there were logistics that remains a challenge as Gordon was a crime hotspot.

“One of the challenges was lack of vehicles and fuel, adding that since Gordon is a crime hotspot they needed logistics to support them in their duties.”

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