PNG pursuing implementation of China agreements

The Marape Government is progressing ten bilateral Agreements and Memorandums of Understanding, signed in Beijing in 2023, with the Government of the People’s Republic of China.

Foreign Affairs Minister Justin Tkatchenko in a meeting with the Chinese Ambassador H. E. Zeng Fanhua on Thursday 25 January, said the government appreciates the good relations with China over recent years, and that he is happy to facilitate and progress bilateral agreements to enable the delivery of major projects.

Minister Tkatchenko expressed that the challenge will be, following the signing of these agreements, the implementation phase on the part of other state agencies. He said Foreign Affairs would work to facilitate movement and progress.

“We will work together to ensure these projects are fully completed to the satisfaction of all the parties concerned.”

Ambassador Zeng, while presenting an update on the progress of Chinese Government projects, pointed to the Ihu-Kikori Road where a feasibility study commenced in 2023 and is currently awaiting a formal proposition before a tender process can begin.

Ambassador Zeng also confirmed that the China-PNG Information, Communication Technology MOU is ready for signing, while adjustments to the general Agriculture Agreement are being reviewed to develop separate Cocoa and Coffee MOUs.

Discussions to progress projects initially agreed to in principle, include the Department's commitment to facilitate progress on China’s Disaster Relief Assistance, working with the PNG Defence Force; the Policing Cooperation MOU, specific to building capacity and training and assistance with negotiations concerning design and budget particulars for a New Taurama Barracks Hospital Infrastructure.

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