PNG IXP to complement new cybercrime law

The Papua New Guinea Internet Exchange Point (IXP) will complement the new cybercrime law, says Department of Communication and Information Technology acting secretary Paulius Koni.

The IXP is a physical location where internet service providers (ISPs) connect to exchange local data traffic with each other via a network switch.

It addresses the issue of high retail internet costs and the quality of service in PNG.

Koni says PNG is moving in the right direction with the new legislation and with the recently launched IXP facility.

The Cybercrime Code Bill 2016 was passed by Parliament on 11 August 2016 and lays the foundation for the investigation and prosecution of offences committed using electronic systems and devices.

Korni said the launch of the IXP is very important for PNG as the facility is meant to reduce cost so that all data coming through and ISPs are responsible to engage in this process.

All ISPs are based on subscriptions to companies and these companies have records of everything their subscribers do while on the internet.

ISPs can retain data from subscribers to help with investigations of cybercrimes.

Korni highlighted that it is Government policy that all should have accessibility and affordability to information and much of that comes through the internet.

“It is the responsibility of all ISPs to ensure that we control what is coming through.

“That has been a challenge and I understand NICTA and all the ISPs in the country will work in collaborating to ensure that this internet exchange point is established.

“This is the first step that has been taken to ensure that all the ISPs are connected to the IXP so that we maintain a process whereby all the desired data information is flowing through.

"It is a critical link between the users and the points of dissemination which is the ISPs,” he said.

15 ISPs are signatories to the IXP Charter which is basically the governing rules and principals of the use and management of the IXP.

There are four ISPs already connected to the network switch and they’re Digitech, Datec, Speed Cast and Digicel with 11 others expected to come on board.

Korni added that it’s going to be an independent approach to managing the IXP because this is a clearing house for information.

Quintina Naime