PM visits NHC

Prime Minister James Marape continues his visits to government departments this week.

This morning he visited the staff of the National Housing Corporation alongside minister responsible, Justin Tkatchenko.

The National Housing Corporation is one government entity that has seen huge concerns of corruption being raised against it.

PM Marape paid a visit to the staff of the NHC not only to empower them but see the working environment.

“NHC is an important office that has been eroding and decaying in its performance for a long period of time and I made it no secret in our meeting today (with staff) that we will now detach from undue political influence that has really derailed this important organisation from delivering its core mandate.”

Instability in the office and the constant change of its head has affected staff performance over the years.

“We’ve given them (staff) that assurance in our meeting. Basically assuring that there will be minimal political intervention in National Housing Corporation,” stated the PM.

The organisation currently has an acting Managing Director.

“But in the first instance, I’ve asked those who want to be the Managing Director to submit clearly what their game plan is in as far as how they can take this organisation into the next 10 years.”

Ensuring Papua New Guinea has proper housing, Marape urged the management to step up and use the organisation to revitalise a housing program for the country.

“10 years from now every Papua New Guinean who are employed must have housing over their head. And also we will be partnering with districts and provinces to have housing programs for our rural citizens.

“And so this department is urged to step up and think outside the box, and comfort of their offices that they’ve been in the last 15-20 years.”

(PM Marape after his visit)

Sally Pokiton