PM O’Neill express sadness at passing of GG Sir Michael Ogio

Prime Minster, Peter O’Neill, has expressed great sadness at the news of the passing of Governor General Sir Michael Ogio on Saturday afternoon.

"It is with great sadness that I have been informed of the passing of the Governor-General of Papua New Guinea, the Late Sir Michael Ogio.”

 "As a nation and as a Government, we have prayed for His Excellency to return to good health, but this was not to be.’

"We now pray for the family of the late Sir Michael Ogio, and thank them for the commitment that Sir Michael gave to our country.”

"As a Member of our Nation’s Parliament, as a former Deputy Prime Minster, and as the Nation’s Vice Regal Representative, Sir Michael Ogio was an outstanding representative for the people of Papua New Guinea.”

"He was humble, he was sincere and he was a man who took an interest in the development of our nation.”

 “We thank the late Sir Michael Ogio for his service to the Independent State of Papua New Guinea, to the advancement of our people and to his role in strengthening the unity of our people,” Prime Minister O’Neill said in a statement.

Sir Michael Ogio was the 9th Governor-General of Papua New Guinea.

Early this month, Bob Dadae was voted in as the new Governor –General to take over from Sir Michael whose term expires at the end of this month.

Dadae will now be the 10th Governor-General of Papua New Guinea.

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