Prime Minster

PM on He Kai deportation

He Kai has been continuously allowed into the country, despite being convicted by PNG courts for a number of crimes including theft, grievous bodily harm and possession of illegal firearms.

Ijivitari MP, Richard Masere, raised the issues in parliament on Friday, asking the Prime Minister to deal with the matter.

After commending the Prime Minister for directing the cancellation of a passport and APEC card issued to alleged fugitive Djoko Tjandra, the Ijivitari MP asked the PM how he intended to deal with the re-entry of transnational criminal Kevin He Kai.

PM O’Neill express sadness at passing of GG Sir Michael Ogio

"It is with great sadness that I have been informed of the passing of the Governor-General of Papua New Guinea, the Late Sir Michael Ogio.”

 "As a nation and as a Government, we have prayed for His Excellency to return to good health, but this was not to be.’

"We now pray for the family of the late Sir Michael Ogio, and thank them for the commitment that Sir Michael gave to our country.”

O’Neill thanks World Bank’s assistance to enhance road repairs

After meeting with World Bank officials in Port Moresby on Tuesday, January 24, PM O’Neill said the World Bank is working with the Government in the development of programs to not only build roads and highways, but to ensure their repair and maintenance.

“Ensuring ongoing highway maintenance and repair is just as important as building new highways around our nation,” the Prime Minister said.

“Too often we have seen great roads and highways built, but then when you go back in 10 years they are falling apart.

PM’s slip rule application hearing date fixed

The matter came before Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia yesterday (Friday) where a hearing date was fixed for April 26.

The Prime Minister’s lawyer from Twivey Lawyers, Desmond Kipa told the court they have amended the slip rule application that they filed on April 7 as they will also be seeking interim orders.

Kipa informed the court that the application book was not ready as copies of court transcripts from March 22, the day when submissions were made in court and April 5, day the decision was delivered in court, were yet to be obtained.