PM concerned over disciplined forces’ conduct

If you do not want to serve your nation with pride, you can leave the forces, says Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

“If you do not serve your uniform with honour, you have no right to wear it."

The PM’s statements follow at the back of reports of a clash between the PNG Defence Force and Police at New Year.

He has issued a direction to the Nation’s disciplined forces to immediately enforce the ‘one-strike and you are out’ policy for unacceptable behaviour.

"The public expects better from our service personnel and there are many young committed men and women who want to join the forces,” O’Neill said in a statement.

“The report I have on the incident at Boroko over the weekend is very concerning.

“It is now up to relevant commanders to finalise their investigation and take very firm action against any individual who has broken the law and violated their service codes of conduct.”

PM O’Neill said the Government has invested significant resources into restoring the disciplined forces.

"Over the past five years, we have brought back training programs, we are rebuilding service housing and pride is being restored.

"There is increasing public confidence in our Police, Defence and Correctional Services and we will not see this tarnished by a selfish few.

"There are still some individuals who are living in the past, who had thrived on the dysfunction in the disciplined services over the past decades.

“Times are changing and these ways of the past are being eradicated from our disciplined services.”

The Prime Minister has further urged young men and women to consider joining one of the three disciplined services.

“We are continuing to recruit more people into Police, Defence and Correctional Services.

“I urge young Papua New Guinean’s to consider career opportunities with our disciplined services, to serve the Nation and to gain skills that will serve them a lifetime.

“As our nation develops, our economy improves and our communities become even safer, our disciplined services will continue to improve and serve the nation with pride.”

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