Parker trial: Key witness to fly in

The State’s key witness in the murder trial against Jiwaka businessman, Justin Parker, will be flow into Port Moresby tomorrow from Kavieng.

Deputy Police Commissioner (operations) Jim Andrews assured the National Court today that the State’s key witness, who is the late Lapan Nason’s daughter, will be flown into Port Moresby on Tuesday.

He told the court that Police Commissioner Gary Baki authorised cheques this morning to arrange for late Lapan’s daughter to be flown in.

Commissioner Baki is said to be in Buka today and Andrews stepped in to explain to the court this afternoon, why the State’s key witness was not brought to Port Moresby in time for the commencement of the trial today.

As of 3:40 this afternoon, three state witnesses were called to give evidence in the trial.

William Yetapia, the man who responded to Lapan’s daughter’s call that morning of June 6, 2015 was the first witness.

Two other doctors also gave evidence after. The surgeon who attended to the late Nason at the Emergency department that morning and the Radiologist who conducted a CT scan on him.

More witnesses are expected to be called as the trial progress.  Eight witnesses will be called by the state in the trial.

 Parker is on trial over the murder of Lapan Nason on June 8, 2015 after he allegedly assaulted Nason at his home on June 6, 2015.

 The late Nason was the Chief aircraft engineer employed in Parker’s company, Golden Valley Enterprise.

At the presentation of the charge and allegations against him by the state, Parker pleaded not guilty to the charge of murder.

It is the state’s allegation that he assaulted the late Nason on June 6, 2015 between 4am and 6am, with the intent of causing grievous bodily harm to him.

Nason died two days later from injuries sustained from the assault.

CT scans showed that the late Nason suffered bleeding in the brain from the assault.

Parker is on K10,000 Supreme Court bail.


Sally Pokiton