Palaso is Ambassador to Philippines

Betty Palaso’s term as Commissioner General of the Internal Revenue Commission comes to an end this Friday.

Commissioner General Ms Palaso will be taking up her new post as PNG Ambassador to the Philippines.

Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer, Charles Abel expressed his gratitude on behalf of the government to the outgoing Commissioner General of Internal Revenue Commission, Betty Palaso.

Palaso has had 10 years of dedicated service to the country, which saw a lot of reforms to the Internal Revenue Commission.

One of those includes the separation of IRC from Customs and becoming an authority which could allow for the recruitment of more officers. 

“She’s been a wonderful and hardworking public servant. She will not be leaving us entirely, she will be moving into the diplomatic space, taking up her job as the ambassador to the Philippines,” Abel said.

“I want to thank her very much for the hard work she has done and we wish her all the best in her endeavors as an ambassador, I think that she will do our country proud,” he added.

Commissioner of Taxation, Dr. Alois Daton will be acting Commissioner General as of next Monday onward, and he spoke highly of his predecessor.

“It’s a decision by government, it’s not my choice so but there are large shoes to fill. Ms Palaso has done a lot of work, she’s been behind the reforms for the last like 11 years, and our achievements have been due to the leadership of Ms Palaso.

“She’s very visionary, she knows what she wants to achieve, and she’s worked to ensure we achieved our targets so my role in the next couple of months is to ensure that we continue with the government’s Medium Term Strategy, the reforms that have been started by Ms Palaso, we need to ensure that those things continue and to mobilize domestic revenue.

To ensure that the activities that outlign in our Corperate plan and individual annual work plan this year are achieved this year.

Ms Palaso leaves IRC at the close of Business this Friday, September 28

Sally Pokiton