Commissioner General

IRC distributes GST

Koim said the IRC previously allowed the NCD to distribute the GST components to the provinces and the MKA, however, this has been inconsistent resulting in continuous disputes.

The IRC has taken on this responsibility and oas of today, remitted the GST components to the two prvinces and the MKA.

By law, out of the 60% GST collected and retained by the NCD, the municipal Government is to distribute 10% to Central Province, 3% to Gulf, and 2% to the MKA.

Palaso is Ambassador to Philippines

Commissioner General Ms Palaso will be taking up her new post as PNG Ambassador to the Philippines.

Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer, Charles Abel expressed his gratitude on behalf of the government to the outgoing Commissioner General of Internal Revenue Commission, Betty Palaso.

Palaso has had 10 years of dedicated service to the country, which saw a lot of reforms to the Internal Revenue Commission.

One of those includes the separation of IRC from Customs and becoming an authority which could allow for the recruitment of more officers. 

IRC to do away with cheque payments

As part of this effort, the IRC will conducting awareness sessions in 14 provinces from May 14th to 30th to inform taxpayers of this intention.

The awareness will inform taxpayers, businesses and sole traders about the various ways in which they can safely and conveniently pay taxes.

IRC says the acceptable payment methods include: