Only MP in Western Province elected Governor

The only remaining Member of Parliament for the Western Province and Middle Fly MP Roy Biyama has been elected as the Governor for the province.

The Western Provincial Assembly elected Biyama on Monday to take up the seat.

The seat for the Governor was left vacant after the court found that then Governor Ati Wobiro was found guilty of misappropriation of funds by the court.

The National Court sentenced Wobiro along with former Western Provincial Administrator Dr Modowa Gumoi, and Fly Care Foundation Inc. boss Norman Carl May to 10 years in prison on Nov 18, 2016.

The North Fly MP Boka Kondra was also suspended by the Leadership Tribunal awaiting his court hearing.

While the province has been going through the challenges in the leadership, they lost yet another MP, late Aide Ganasi, Member for South Fly on Nov 8, 2016.

Late Ganasi collapsed and died at a private hospital in Port Moresby.

It has been tough and very challenging for the province especially for this term of parliament as the leaders were implicated with allegations of misappropriations and the death of the late Ganasi.

The remaining MP Biyami will now lead the people until April 20 where the Writs will be open for the upcoming national elections.

Freddy Mou