One Suspect arrested and vehicles recovered in double murder

Police have now confirmed details of the double-murder that took place during the heavy downpour at Ela Beach on Tuesday night.

NDC/ Central Commander, Sylvester Kalaut says that incident took place between 9 and 10pm at the Kermadec Street flats just behind the Ela Beach Hotel.

As a result, two citizens were murdered; one was an employee of the State who was shot at point blank range.

The deceased was in his car driving into the flats drive way when the criminals followed in after him to where he parked and shot him in his chest killing him instantly.

After shooting the deceased and taking his car, while driving out, the suspects robbed a female worker who is an employee of Pacific International Hospital off her belongings.

Not long after, the suspects stopped again at the same place and shot a 23-year-old man who also died instantly. The suspects then escaped with the deceased State workers vehicle.

It is alleged, the suspects used a fifth element vehicle which was an unmarked police vehicle allocated to the APEC planning team and stolen over the weekend on Saturday.

Kalaut says police received information from reliable sources and recovered the two vehicles which led to the apprehension of one suspect involved in the killing.

“There are about four suspects involved in the incident and police have captured one of the suspects.”

Both vehicles were recovered at Dodo Street at Sabama and are currently impounded at the Boroko Police Station.

The vehicles have been dusted by investigators and prints have been taken.

Police investigations are now underway.

Kalaut assures that his men are working to arrest the other suspects.

“There are three of them and I am confident that arrests will be made shortly.”

Police are not able to establish any motives at this point in time but are treating it as a willful murder case.

Kalaut adds that police have leads as to how the vehicles ended up at Sabama and this is subject to police investigations and further developments will be made known to the public soon.

This is the first major killing incident that has occurred in 2017 which has shocked many residents.

Kalaut is appealing to the general public residing in the nation’s capital to take extra precaution when travelling.

Annette Kora