OC confirms receipt of Opposition’s land acquisition complaint

The Ombudsman Commission has received complaints by members of the Opposition concerning allegations of illegal land acquisition for the PNG Defence Force relocation.

“The Commission notes the seriousness of these allegations and the great public interest surrounding it and urges all parties involved to follow proper channels and procedures to seek redress,” says the OC in a statement.

Acting Chief Ombudsman, Michael Dick, says like any other complaint, the OC will assess the grievance through its screening process under both the Leadership Code and the administrative complaints functions. They will then determine whether to carry out an investigation or not.

“In the event that initial assessment reveals the need for further investigations by the Ombudsman Commission, it will conduct its investigations without fear or favour and in all due haste within the scope of its available resources,” states Dick.

“The Commission also wishes to remind the public that all its investigations are conducted in utmost confidence and where persons are found to be implicated, they are accorded natural justice before any referral or report is made public.”

The Opposition has been questioning the Manumanu /Pinu land deal for a Defence Force base.

The compulsory acquisition, which was raised on the floor of Parliament on Friday, 27 January, has been called nothing more than a Government land grabbing exercise by community leaders and other interested parties.

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