Northern hospitals suffering drugs shortage: Juffa

Northern Governor Gary Juffa has urged the Government to seriously consider the state of the nation's health, claiming provinces and district hospitals nationwide are running out of drugs and basic consumables.

He said this following reports from the people of Oro on shortages of drugs in the hospitals and aid posts.

The governor says the funding constraint is virtually a death sentence for the most vulnerable, especially those living in rural areas.

Governor Juffa stated that he is getting constant reports from his people that their aid posts and hospitals were issuing prescriptions for drugs and sending them away; however not all these people can afford the drugs and feel that the free health policy is a let-down.

Governor Juffa hopes to use some of his Provincial Services Improvement Program funds to maintain these aid posts and hospitals’ drug supplies, unfortunately, he cannot as he has not received the remaining K7 million of the 2017 PSIP.

“Our people are dying from our neglect. We have blood on our hands as leaders and should all hang our heads in shame,” said Juffa.

“A nation so rich and blessed in resources and yet with no means to give the most basic adequate health care to its people.”

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Imelda Wavik