Northern to get new police vehicles

Northern Province will receive 12 new police vehicles through the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary (RPNGC) re-fleeting exercise.

Police Minister Bryan Kramer said as part of the Station of Excellence initiative, the police force has invited members of parliament (MPs) to participate in a Kina-for-Kina program to purchase new police vehicles for their provinces or districts.

The Oro Provincial Government on December 15th presented a cheque of K1 million to the Police Commissioner David Manning in Port Moresby. This amount will be matched by the Constabulary for the procurement of the vehicles.

“The new Nissan Patrol vehicles will be Z-plated and fitted with state-of-the-art dashboard cameras and GPS tracking to help police in Oro address law and order,” Kramer said.

“The comprehensive re-fleeting of the police force is an important part of the Marape Government and RPNGC’s reform program, which includes better command and control and more discipline. 

“We are also focusing on police welfare by improving the wages, housing and medical insurance of its 7,300 members.”

Northern Governor, Gary Juffa, said the re-fleeting of the vehicles is one of a number of measures the provincial government is taking to improve policing in the province, and thanked the minister and commissioner for the initiative.

Twelve vehicles were purchased for Madang District under the same Kina-for-Kina program, and discussions are taking place with other MPs who are interested in the arrangement.

Press release