New DPM thanks govt

Bulolo MP, Samuel H. Basil, has thanked the Prime Minister and Members of the Marape Government for their confidence in appointing him as the Deputy Prime Minister.

DPM Basil further thanked the Prime Minister for the elevation of Rigo MP Lekwa Gure to the portfolio of Minister for Labour and Industrial Relations, which encompasses a range of substantive issues that are at the very heart of the United Labour Party policy platform.

“The workers of our nation, the men and women whom every day and night give their sweat and toil for our country are the reason our party exists.

“As Deputy Prime Minister of our country, I make a commitment above all else, that I will stand up for the rights of the working men and women of our country.

“Our party represents the voice of workers upon whose labour this nation has been and continues to be built. These are fathers and mothers, breadwinners and homemakers, who must not be ignored and taken for granted,” he said.

“I will be your even louder voice in Cabinet, and I will be your crusader for better pay and conditions in the workplace. 

“Very importantly, I and my ULP Members will keep attention on better service delivery around the country, particularly in remote and rural areas.

“The way that we create jobs in our country, the way that we build more businesses, is buy creating the environment for business to grow.

“As Deputy Prime Minister, and Minister for National Planning and Monitoring, I will be taking the fight forward to have better allocation of resources to build infrastructure that business can use to harvest, collect and to transport goods to market.

“As a stronger voice in Cabinet and in Parliament with the support of our Government, I will work to open up the country through Connect PNG using an integrated service delivery model that focuses on roads, bridges with electrification and telecommunications.

“I will work with our Government to push for faster implementation of the PNG Electrification Partnership that was signed at APEC. The Government is committed to delivering power to most of our population by the year 2030.

“With support of our Government, I will work with key stakeholders to improve access to clean, safe water, right around our country because our people should not accept second-rate services.”

DPM Basil paid tribute to his predecessor, Davis Steven, as a leader of heart and conviction, with the legal mind that will continue to guide government processes.

Finally, DPM Basil thanked the people of his District of Bulolo; those from Morobe and Madang and his loyal members of the United Labour Party for their confidence and determination for a better future, who are specifically the Members of Parliament representing Kagua-Erave, North Waghi, Lufa, Markham, Nawaeb, Raicoast, Rigo and Sumkar.

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