New diploma for public service leaders

A group of public servants across Papua New Guinea have proudly graduated with a new diploma that provides emerging leaders with the skills and confidence to take on leadership positions.

The 34 graduates were the first to be awarded the new Diploma of Leadership and Governance at the Pacific Institute of Leadership and Governance (PILAG) on Friday, April 26th.

Among the graduates was Margaret Kumbun, an elementary coordinator at Nuku District in West Sepik, who said it was a privilege to have learnt alongside public service peers from around the country.

“It’s quite inspiring learning about the importance of leadership, governance and our roles,” she said.

“We shared our experiences from the districts and we learn about the processes and systems at the national level – we are imparting skills to each other.

“As administrators we are leaders – and we need to guide our own leaders in the different sectors.”

Another graduate was Mark Kamjua, Mul-Baiyer Lumusa District CEO in Western Highlands, who said the Diploma of Leadership and Governance provided a boost to participants’ leadership skills.

“The training was very good,” he said, “I learnt about governance in the public service – the processes, systems, major policies and frameworks that guide the public service.

“I’m also happy with the way PILAG has been set up by the PNG Government as a core training institution for leadership development.

“It is a big step. This is where leaders should be trained for the future – this institution is going to take us forward.”

The diploma was developed and delivered as a partnership between PILAG and the Australian Public Service Commission.

The institutional link is supported by the PNG-Australia Partnership through the Pacific Leadership and Governance Precinct.

PILAG is committed to the development of public service leaders by providing vocational training that meets government needs and is forging a new generation of ethical, capable leaders.

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