NEC will approve road names: Wereh

The approval of national road names lies with the National Executive Council (NEC), prior to publication in the National Gazette, says Secretary for Works and Highways, David Wereh.

In a media statement, the Secretary clarified that by virtue of the Marape administration’s Determination of Titles and Ministerial Responsibilities, published in the Gazette (No. G690) of August 31, 2022, the Minister for Works and Highways is responsible for all matters covered under the Road (Management and Fund) Act 2020, acting through the Department of Works & Highways.

He made this clarifications in light of the recent controversy regarding the naming of road in Lae; and past attempts by individuals or organizations to name public roads without proper consultations, endorsements and approvals.

Wereh said proposal for the naming or changing of the name of a national road, shall be lodged with DoWH for processing and submission to the Minister through the Road Advisory Committee (RAC).

The processing constitutes among other things, detailed mapping and registration of the road in the Register of Public Roads.

Wereh pointed out that the DoWH will accept naming proposals from provincial government only, for national roads that start and ends within their jurisdiction.

However, he said national roads that run through multiple provinces and or regions may be proposed by the RAC and members of the NEC for approval.

“Any roads that is to be declared as a public road, which already have a name, commonly used by the public, the national Government and the Provincial Government, prior to the certification of the Act, will be respected, to avoid confusion.”

Adding that all changes of road names proposed will be subjected to the public consultation period of 28 days, as required under section 7 of the Act.

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