NCD police launch new Facebook page

The NCD police have a new police page on FB called the "NCD Superintendent Operation Support Unit".

The page is an official Facebook page approved by the Metropolitan Superintendent NCD and the Superintendent Operations NCD.

The main aim of this page is to provide effective communication between police & residence of NCD.

Other aspects of the page will be to provide security risk advice and fast response during emergency.

The page will also help police in terms of information gathering (intelligence), and over-all strengthening community based policing as well as informing the public about latest news in relation to Police.

Meantime, Superintendent for Operations, Fred Tundu said this page is what the people of NCD have long waited for.

The police force must work hand in hand with the people of NCD to combat, reduce and prevent crime in NCD.

The general public is encouraged to like the page and become a member to show support of NCD police while also to be able to follow up on new and latest information from in and around the city.


For more information check: Ncd Superintendent Operation Support Unit


Annette Kora