MTDP IV must be a game changer: PM

The recently launched Medium Term Development Plan IV (4) must be a game changer.

Prime Minister James Marape made these remarks when launching the MTDP4 in Port Moresby.

He said the MTDP4 is intended to fast track the implementation of key initiatives that will cover the gaps after MTDP 3 so that we set the pathway to move into the next couple of years leading into 2030 as the decade of prosperity under Vision 2050.

“It demands that we work really hard and focus our resources on key outcomes.

“A lot of work has gone into reviewing the focus areas through extensive consultations. Based on those consultations, realistic targets have been set, and deliberate intervention projects have been identified.

“My government accepts ownership of this plan. It is the best reflection of our political intentions and therefore the intention of our people who helped returned this government into office. It is our people’s plan.

“We must therefore commit to delivering the outcomes of this plan for the benefit of this country and our people. 

“We must embrace this plan. We must seek immediate alignment of all our activities and corporate plans.

“We will build the resourcing envelope. We will build a national monitoring and evaluation framework.

“We will ensure that we set the plan in motion and focus on what we have to do to realise its intended outcomes.”

The Prime Minister wants all 96 districts, 21 provinces, Bougainville and Papua New Guinea to prosper, where no one or no place is left behind.

Loop Author