Moresby-South present acquittals

The Moresby-South electorate in NCD presented its DSIP Acquittal report to the Department of Implementation & Rural Development (DIRD) today.

Member for Moresby-South, Justin Tkatchenko presented acquittals from years 2017 to 2021.

The member thanked NCD Governor, Powes Parkop for assisting in counter-funding most of the projects and programs in the electorate.

“Without the Governor’s working relationship with me, a lot of the work been done over the last ten years in Moresby- South would not have been achievable.

“We have achieved so much in such a short period of time,” Tkatchencko stated.

The program-funded projects in the area included newly-built schools, sporting grounds, roads and market spaces.

“We are now building the brand new Moresby-South District Hospital which is about fifty percent complete. It will service our people with maternity ward(s) and out-patient, dentistry and pharmacy. 

“This now leaves me satisfied that I’ve done the right thing for the benefit of the people of Moresby-South. We’ve acquitted and made sure all your funds are spent correctly and properly for the benefit of the electorate and the community,” he added.

DIRD Secretary, Aihi Vaki commended the member for the competence shown by his office and encouraged other district members to follow suit and submit their reports to the department.

“The most important thing that the government would like to see is the impact, and your leadership over the five years’ has done that,” said Mr. Vaki

“The government would like to know the performance of all the districts and provinces.

Reporting is very important. It is the use of public funds and we need these reports,” he said.

UPNG Journalism Student - MARIE VERE