More females venture into male-dominated fields

Thirty-two female maritime cadets graduated from the PNG Maritime College in Madang, sponsored under the Australia Awards, backed by a partnership with Steamships Trading.

Their training at the college saw them gain sea time experience on various vessels and graduated as certified officer with international qualifications.

The cadets celebrated their achievements at a ceremony attended by the Australian High Commission's Minister Counsellor, Penny Morton, and representatives from PNG's National Maritime Safety Authority.

In her congratulatory remarks, Ms. Morton emphasized the significance of investing in education to enhance the training, visibility, and active participation of Papua New Guinean women in a traditionally male-dominated sector.

“Your achievement demonstrates that investment in education can increase Papua New Guinean women’s training, visibility, and participation in what is a highly male dominated sector. I’m confident that you will forge a successful maritime career and make positive waves of change in the sector,” Morton said.

The graduation signals a transformative step toward gender inclusivity in PNG's traditionally male-dominated maritime sector.

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