Morale booster for police officers

The Six-Mile acting Police Station Commander hopes that by seeing the NCD police boss, his officers would take heed of directives.

The Six-Mile acting Police Station Commander, Chief Sgt Bruce Amos, said most times, commanders meet with the NCD police boss then pass down information to their subordinates.

This time, he wants his officers to hear from the metropolitan superintendent themselves.

It is hoped that their face-to-face meeting will also boost officers’ morale.

During the parade this morning, Chief Superintendent Perou N’Dranou urged officers to polish up their act, adding the Six-Mile station has the lowest number of arrests, compared to the other police stations within NCD.

Last week alone, only three arrests were recorded.

Chief Sgt Amos explained that since their jurisdiction is a small one, they mostly get a maximum of 10 cases a day.

“Planti taim arest tali blo mipla lo hia i sa low bikos ol memba i sa traim lo nigoshieit na toktok wantaim ol kompleinent lo sotim aut lo kot. So those are some of the things sa mekim na arest tali blo mi lo steishen is a bit low.”

Speaking on challenges, Chief Sgt Amos said just like the other stations, they lack resources such as vehicles, fuel and even manpower.

The Six-Mile Station has 38 police officers, where 6 officers are rostered to a shift. The police station commander further estimated that his station caters to about 7,000 people. 

“We need about a hundred-plus manpower lo hia so that mipla ken wokim wok gut,” said the chief sgt.

(Chief Superintendent Perou N’Dranou speaking to Six-Mile police officers)

Carmella Gware