MNW set to poll

The PNG Electoral Commission is ready to conduct polling for Moresby North West By – Election this Wednesday 2nd June 2021.

The commission reports that so far all preparation for this event are on schedule.

Polling officials numbering 1,088 will manage voters during the one-day polling.

Eighty nine thousand (89,000) ballot papers for the Moresby North West By-election were printed. The ballot papers were further sorted in gender according to their numbers on the electoral roll by polling place. The polling booth will have separate entrances for men and women, with one queue allocated specifically for persons with DisAbilities.

The ballot papers are also colour coded by five wards to make it easier for counters to identify during the elimination count. Ward 1 ballot papers are pink, ward 7 green, ward 8 blue, ward 10 yellow, and ward 11 red.

Voters are also advised to bring their own blue biro to the polling site, to minimize the spread of the virus.

136 polling places were confirmed for voters to go and cast their votes.

Ward 1:               22 Polling locations, 22 Teams

Ward 7:               28 Polling locations, 28 Teams

Ward 8:               14 Polling locations, 14 Teams

Ward 10:             34 Polling locations, 34 Teams

Ward 11 – 38 Polling locations, 38 Team

Counting of first preferences votes will be done at the Wards.

Ward 1:         Metoreia United Church Hall, Hanuabada

Ward 7:         Ben Moide Club, Murray Barracks

Ward 8:         Sir John Guise Stadium

Ward 11:       Sir John Guise Stadium

Ward 10:       PILAG

The Elimination count (second and third preferences) will be at Sir John Guise Stadium.

Police in the city have launched their by-election operations, to ensure voters, candidate’s scrutineers, supporters and general public do not disrupt the by-election processes.


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