Mirisim focuses on education for Telefomin

Education remains Telefomin District number one priority under the leadership of local MP and Minister for Works and Highways, Solan Mirisim, since taking office in 2012.

In his last two terms in parliament most of his emphasis has been on education with Telefomin DDA prioritizing education from the elementary level right through to the tertiary level.
“Telefomin District continues to provide formal education to 134 Elementary School and 42 Primary Schools. We have a New Junior High School in Namea LLG and there a plans in place to build a new Junior High School in Yapsie LLG in this term of parliament.
“We have two secondary schools, Oksapmin Secondary School and Telefomin Secondary School,” he said. “In 2021 we have our first Grade 12 of Oksapmin Secondary School in the top 10 list of the most performing schools in the country and that’s an achievement the district remains proud of. Last year Oksapmin Secondary School again topped the province.”
“We will continue to support our students who have made it to Tertiary level of studies with our District School Fee Assistance Scheme that has been in existing for over 10 years now.
“The district also has a Technical Vocational Centre for basic skills training and a Community Health Worker College in the Telefomin LLG where many local health workers are trained,’’ he said. 
“In 2023 the Telefomin DDA resolve and approved for the School Fee Assistance program to continue and it will be rolled out in all the Tertiary institution across the country.”
Minister Mirisim made it clear that the School Fee Assistance is not a full scholarship. 
“I want students from my district attending various institutions in the country to get this clear. We only provide assistance and we will not pay for anyone’s full school fee. Students must pay their compulsory fees and secure their placing as this program roll-out may begin in late March or early April. 
“I must also challenge the parents to take the responsibility to complete their children’s school fees as I have stepped in a big way to remove part of their burden.”
“According to our data within the District, Telefomin on average sends more than 300 students to various colleges and tertiary institution around the country since 2012. 
“This is expected to increase in the coming years with the inclusion of the newly built Namea High School, which will eventually become secondary school in the year 2026, and the new proposed Yapsie High School.”
Minister Mirisim said for this year alone, Telefomin DDA will support another 350 plus students attending various institutions in the country. 
“As such it gives me great pleasure to announce that the Telefomin DDA under my leadership has approved K2 million for the School Fees Assistance Progamme for this year 2023.
The K2 million assistance will support students from our 4 LLGs. We expect to support:
- 200 plus students from Oksapmin LLG.
- 120 plus students from Telefomin LLG.
- 10 plus students from Namea LLG.
- 20 plus students from Yapsie LLG
“We will collect some more applications with the number expected to go past 500.  
“This year we have deviated from the traditional way of coordinating assistance for students. For this year students have applied online with their designated school details and fee structure.
“My appeal to Telefomin students is that we have made it our business to support your education and you must be discipline, remain committed to your studies and carry the flag of Telefomin with pride.
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