Minister to visit all PNGDF bases

The Force Support Battalion at Murray Barracks plays a crucial role within the PNG Defence Force’s core functions of providing sovereign security.

In its 9th year, it was created to play the support role, dealing with all logistical issues of the Force.

The Force Support Battalion also has its fair share of challenges, as it thrives to support all elements of the PNGDF.

The visit by the Defence Minister, Solan Mirisim today was welcome by many personnel.

The Minister said he has made it his business to visit all Military Facilities to see first-hand their challenges and plan how his department can assist address some of the issues.

Escorted by the PNG Defence Force Chief of Staff, Colonel Ray Numa and Force Support Battalion Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Wawada, the Minister firstly visited the soldiers living quarters and messing facilities.

Soldiers living conditions have deteriorated over the years, with two buildings already condemned.

The Minister also noted the Married Quarters where most houses are in dire need of renovation.

Mirisim later visited the Supply Company, Workshop and Transport.

While at the Force Support Battalion, he was also given the opportunity to take part in the promotion ceremony of the Officer in Charge of Supply Company, Captain Lynol Manuta to Major. 

Charmaine Poriambep