Minister For ICT Welcomes NICTA Decision On Telstra Acquisition Of Digicel

ICT Minister Timothy Masiu has welcomed news of NICTA’s decision to give formal written consent on the transfer of license rights from Digicel Pacific to Telstra.

“The procedure to arrive at the decision by NICTA is governed by the enabling legislation and is done without ministerial influence or input. I am pleased to note that the procedure has now been exhausted and that a decision has been made and that the government and our people and Digicel and Telstra for that matter can now move forward with the business of delivering telecommunications goods and services to all corners of the country.”

Minister Masiu took note of Telstra’s commitment to continue to maintain all existing services and networks, and to continue the charitable work in early education delivered through the Digicel PNG Foundation.

“It would be ideal to anticipate a change of ownership without disturbing the standard and level of service required and I would like to think that our people and the businesses that rely on Digicel’s goods and services will not even notice anything.”

“I understand that with the NICTA announcement, the due diligence process leading to full acquisition and transfer of ownership to Telstra is now well advanced and nearing completion. Until then, Digicel will remain until the acquisition is completed.”

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