Micah reconciles with PM, Chan

A reconciliation ceremony is currently underway between former Kavieng MP, Ben Micah, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and New Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan.

Micah apologised for his behaviour and statements made against the PM, Sir Julius, former Namatanai MP Byron Chan and Works Minister Michael Nali.

"It has been 2 years since we last spoke," Micah told Sir Julius.

He further asked PM O'Neill to include his number in his contact list.

"Because I heard that you removed my number," Micah said amidst polite laughter from the crowd.

Pandanus mats, large pigs and mis (traditional shell money) were presented by Micah to show his remorse.

He was in turn commended by the PM and Sir Julius for his courageous act.

Carmella Gware
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